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Somnuk Elephant Camp


      Somnuk Elephant Camp is located in Sai Yok district, Kanchanaburi, Thailand. The camp is named after the owner, Mr. Somnuk Sudchana who is a well-known mahout in Thailand and has been spending his life with elephants for more than 45 years.

      With the collaboration with a group of conservation biologist, Somnuk is on the process of transiting his camp's concept of “elephant riding” to “a creative, responsible and sustainable tourism”.

      Therefore, the camp is launching a new elephant friendly and educational day activity program (from 10 am. – 3.30 pm.) at the Banana Orchard, locates just less than 10 minutes away from the original camp. The program is created for visitors who wish to see, interact and get to know scientific facts as well as local wisdom about the Asian elephant. The activities are run by a group of elephant educators who are equipped with knowledge and English speaking language.

      If once in your life, you want to see, touch, enjoy, and gain knowledge about the Asian elephant from a quality visitor program, book your visit at Somnuk Elephant Camp (the Banana Orchard) and you won't be disappointed.


Best place near Bangkok where
you can interact and learn
about Asian elephant.

A Chance to make a more
elephant friendly camp
Join us!

Customize your own program
with the activities you prefer.
You'll Love it




Why chose Somnuk Elephant Camp (The Banana Orchard)


Unlike any other elephant camp, these are what you will get if you chose to visit our place:

  • You will support the transition of local elephant camp to a more elephant friendly and sustainable camp
  • You can enjoy interacting with Asian elephant as well as learning about them from first hand elephant researcher, scientist and trained educator
  • You will get to help collecting useful scientific data for mitigation of Human and Wild Elephant Conflict
  • You can enjoy seeing the tropical plants in the orchard and taste some fresh vegies and fruits